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and Development

In our research and development laboratory, innovative formulations are developed, following the constant analysis of new raw materials and cutting-edge functional active ingredients. After studies relating to the stability and compatibility of the container with the product, the processing is completed in total safety.
The formulations are then sent to certified laboratories for carrying out microbiological tests, challenge tests and patch tests.
Safety, continuous research and careful and methodical development are the essential elements that we put at the service of our customers.



Scrupulous quality control tests are carried out on each production batch in our laboratory.
Microbiological analyzes are entrusted to highly specialized and certified laboratories.
Only products that meet our high quality standards will reach you.


and Packaging

Production and packaging are carried out with machinery and semi-automatic packaging lines that are adapted and calibrated with great flexibility with respect to the batches, formats and needs of the customer.

Would you like to develop a dermocosmetic line with your brand?

We provide a personalized consultancy and formulation service: if you are looking for a unique product, designed specifically for you and your needs – which embodies quality and safety – we will follow you step by step in your project, until its complete realization.

Choose the formula of your cosmetic line as you would like and imagine your product in detail: we’ll take care of the creation and packaging!


Since 1911

Archilab since 1911 combines tradition, modernity and innovation to improve and develop the quality of its work and its products.

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Our cosmetic line

Our formulations are rich in plant-based extracts, have a delicate fragrance, free of allergens, to minimize the risk of allergies.
Each formulation is free of paraffin, dyes, mineral oils and parabens.
The products of the dermocosmetic line are specially formulated to be suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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Products for your pharmacy

Archilab has thought of specific products for pharmacies, designed to guarantee safety and quality. Our formulations derive from studies carried out based on the continuous search for functional active ingredients, mainly of natural origin. The fragrance is free of allergens, to minimize the risk of allergies. Each formulation is free of paraffin, dyes, mineral oils and parabens.

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Hotel Line

Our products designed for the courtesy line are completely natural. Thanks to the formulation with delicate surfactants, free of SLS and SLES, they hydrate, soften and respect the skin.
The fragrance is free of allergens, to limit the risk of allergies (0% parabens, dyes, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils, GMOs).

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