Archilab was born with the aim to continue the work of a family of pharmacists – which has been operating in the pharmaceutical field since 1911 – succeeding in combining tradition, modernity and being always ready to follow the scientific progress innovations.

Scientist mixing natural organic extraction and green herbal leaves, Flower aroma essence solution in laboratory.


We are a cosmetic laboratory always following the dominant and essential idea of exalting traditions, the quality of products – strictly ‘made in Italy’ – and to develop dermocosmetic products created using steadily a modern view.


Our innovative formulas meet the needs of a constantly evolving market and, furthermore, we only offer products that are the result of unremitting scientific research and accurate quality controls. Our mission is to design, develop and produce dermocosmetic products that are able to fully satisfy your needs, while providing you with custom tailored formulations.
We also manage to make cosmetics under contract, offering great flexibility with regard to the scope of batches and sizes.


Our laboratories and products are guaranteed and certified.

ISO-9001 e ISO 22716.



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