Our Story

Archilab was born from the idea of ​​continuing the business of a family of pharmacists – who have been operating in the sector since 1911 – managing to combine tradition and modernity, always remaining ready to follow the innovations dictated by scientific progress.


Archilab is the expression of Costanza, Sara and Rachele’s desire to generate positive value through cosmetics.

Three twin sisters, the third generation of an entrepreneurial history that began in 1911 when the great-grandfather, passionate about galenics, opened his first pharmacy among the citrus groves and mastic trees of a small town in Sicily.

Subsequently it is the niece Clarice to take the reins and to ferry the small laboratory towards a larger and more robust entrepreneurial reality.

A tradition founded on respect for the land and for the people that Costanza, Sara and Rachele breathe at home from day one and consolidate during university pharmaceutical studies in Florence, where they develop the desire to innovate – starting precisely from what motivated the great-grandfather most than a hundred years ago: the love for Nature.

Upon their return to Sicily, they undertake to direct the family dermocosmetic laboratory, Archilab, towards a more sustainable and innovative way.
Thus they dedicate themselves to the study of local native plants, a path that leads them to discover, thanks to a friend and expert, an oil with important beneficial properties extracted through a cold recycling technique, from the seed of the traditional product of their land of origin: the prickly pear

Archilab starts from here to revolutionize the cosmetics industry in an eco-sustainable way. A positive economic circuit driven by the history of the pharmacy and perfumed by scientific innovation.

  • By cold pressing the recycled seeds of fruits excluded from the food market, prickly pear oil keeps its innumerable beneficial properties intact, including antioxidant properties. Even more than Argan oil.
  • Prickly pear oil boasts an enviable amount of essential fatty acids and in particular omega 6; it also has a much higher quantity of tocopherols (Vitamin E) than any other vegetable oil, which gives it a powerful Regenerating and Anti-aging activity.
  • The properties of the oil thus obtained allow the triplets to develop an extraordinary cosmetic line.
  • The innovative formulation is characterized by evident beneficial properties: thanks to a mix of oils with high moisturizing and smoothing power, just a few drops are enough to obtain an immediate silky effect on the skin; nourishes, moisturizes, fights aging and gives a uniform and radiant appearance.
  • Prickly pear oil: the ideal ingredient to return home in the name of an eco-sustainable rediscovery of family tradition, which passes through scientific innovation and the fruitful combination of skills from different fields, triggering an economic circuit positive for the whole territory, capable of reducing the environmental impact of the cosmetic industry and offering consumers products guaranteed by the most rigorous quality and safety controls.


The determination to create 360° eco-sustainable products is also evident from the fact that all the products of the Archilab cosmetic line are now made by minimizing water consumption, using only local raw materials of natural origin, without additives or dyes. They are also packaged in an exclusive packaging made with only recycled or 100% recyclable materials.

In the wake of this new line based on an eco-sustainable project, the triplets put into practice their personal project of returning to the origins on the path of a long family tradition: taking care of oneself, thanks to products with an ancient heart and from the formulation to the vanguard.

Our Philosophy

We are a cosmetic laboratory founded following the dominant and essential idea of ​​enhancing the traditions, the quality of products – strictly ‘Made in Italy’ – and developing dermocosmetic items made following a key that is constantly in step with the times.

Our innovative formulas respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market. We only manufacture products that are the result of incessant scientific research and accurate quality controls. Our goal is to conceive, develop and manufacture dermocosmetic products that are able to fully satisfy your needs, while providing you with customized formulations.
We also manufacture products for third parties, offering great flexibility in batches and formats.


Do you want a dermo-cosmetic line with your brand?

We provide a personalized consultancy and formulation service: if you are looking for a unique product, designed specifically for you and your needs – which embodies quality and safety – we will follow you step by step in your project, until its complete realization.

Choose the formula of your cosmetic line as you would like and imagine your product in detail: we’ll take care of the creation and packaging!


Our laboratories and our products are guaranteed and certified

ISO-9001 e ISO 22716.



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